Kane by numbers: Waselenchuk through the first half of the 2015-2016 IRT season

 Photo courtesy of Pro Kennex.

Photo courtesy of Pro Kennex.

Waselenchuk has 21 straight victories to start the 2015-2016 season. In those 21 match wins, Waselenchuk won 63 games and dropped only two.

Waselenchuk has scored 709 points this season. Opponents have scored 150 points against him.

Rocky Carson and Jansen Allen are the only players to take a game from Waselenchuk this season. Carson defeated Waselenchuk in game three of the Ghost of Georgetown IRT Pro-Am championship 13-11. Allen won the first game of their U.S. Open quarterfinal match 11-3.

Waselenchuk has beaten five different players 11-0 in games so far this season. Three of those games came in the first Tier 1 stop of the season, the Ghost of Georgetown IRT Pro-Am. Waselenchuk opened up the tournament with an 11-0 win over Brad Schopieray, handed an 11-0 loss to Jose Rojas in the semifinals, and beat Rocky Carson 11-0 in game number two of the championship.

The other two victims of a Kane Waselenchuk donut were Jansen Allen and Sebastian Franco. Allen lost 11-0 following his game one victory over Waselenchuk in the U.S. Open. Franco took an 11-0 loss in the semifinals of the Garden City Turkey Shootout.

Listed below are the number of points losing opponents have scored against Waslenchuk in individual game losses:

0 points: 5

1 point: 6

2 points: 13

3 points: 9

4 points: 11

5 points: 5

6 points: 2

7 points: 4

8 points: 4

9 points: 2

10 points: 2