Rocky by numbers: Carson through the first half of the 2015-2016 IRT season

 Photo courtesy of Restrung Magazine. .

Photo courtesy of Restrung Magazine.

Rocky Carson is 22-6 on the season.

Four losses have been to Kane Waselenchuk. One loss has come at the hands of Daniel De La Rosa and another to Alvaro Beltran.

In 28 matches, Carson has played a total of 93 individual games. He has 73 wins and 20 losses in those games.

Rocky Carson has outscored opponents this season 904-545.

Rocky Carson has beaten opponents by a score of 11-0 on six different occasions this season. Carson handed out two consecutive donuts to Jeremy Best at the Galaxy Custom Printing Pro-Am and closed out a match against Matthew Majxner in the following round 11-0. Carson has also given donuts to Brad Schopieray, Fernando Rios, and Mario Mercado.

Listed below are the number of points losing opponents have scored against Carson in individual game losses:

0 points: 6

1 point: 10

2 points: 7

3 points: 6

4 points: 10

5 points: 9

6 points: 3

7 points: 8

8 points: 8

9 points: 3

10 points: 2

11 points: 1