The Primal Nature of Racquetball and Why it Attracts Us

Racquetball is an intense physical activity which can turn into a beautiful game for people who get to know its inner workings and examine its essence.  And it can be discovered by anybody on the planet who has the opportunity to step into a court.

There’s a primal nature to racquetball recognized by people everywhere. Even those individuals whose first uninformed impression of racquetball is summed up to a couple of people flailing around with miniature tennis rackets – even they get a certain amount of appreciation from the concept of the harder you hit the ball, the bigger the bang. And just about everybody in the world is drawn to kaboom-like noises. Shotgun blasts, explosions, intense sounds of energy escaping into the atmosphere… When we humans hear things like that we tend to go investigate.

You see this phenomenon in clubs when a couple of seasoned players start rattling the boards with machinegun-like symphonies of thundering shots... People wander over to see what’s going on. People are drawn to it... And if you try your hand at the game and manage to unleash a forehand or backhand in a synchronization of harmonious racquetball glory, it sends a surge of adrenaline through your veins that will keep you coming back for more.

That primal satisfaction you feel after shooting a forehand winner by your opponent to end a big rally – that feelings satisfies an encoded urge deep within our very being to fight, to compete, to win… It’s part of our biological and evolutionary machinery… And the more time you spend in the court practicing and playing, the more you will see yourself evolve according to your own needs. For some it’s simply a matter of exercising and enjoying a physical activity on a regular basis. For others it’s the opportunity to share in an enjoyable experience with friends. For the intense, driven player it’s the pursuit of excellence and reaching higher levels of mastery through competition.

Whatever the reason, racquetball has the sticking power to attract all sorts of different people and hold their attention – especially when they experience the beauty of the game themselves. And that’s the hope for the future of the game.