Want to Get Better? Get in the Court


You want to get better? Get in the court. Start hitting the ball - over and over and over. And hit the ball with a purpose. It isn’t enough to take half-speed swings for two hours a day. You need to hit the ball the way you are going to be hitting the ball in a tournament setting. Practice with intensity.

Practice is boring, you say? Too bad. If practicing isn’t exciting for you - or the prospect of getting better isn’t exciting - then stop feeling sorry for yourself about losing and get comfortable with being average.

There’s a reason that some people are better than others. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that every person better than you is simply more talented. While it’s true that genetics are a factor in athletic performance, it’s an excuse used by an overwhelming majority of athletes - especially the mediocre and average ones.

Winners do more. Winners put in time. It’s not rocket science. Get in the court and practice at game speed consistently. Not just one month out of the year before the biggest tournament of the season. Practice year-round. It will pay off.